Africa Day Festival

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The Africa day Festival in Vienna is an annual celebration of African culture and diversity that takes place in the city. The festival aims to promote African culture, traditions, and contemporary artistic expressions in Austria, as well as to foster a greater understanding of African people and their communities.

The festival features a wide range of activities and events, including traditional dance and music performances, workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, and food tastings. Visitors can expect to see a variety of African cultural traditions, from traditional drumming and dance to contemporary African art and fashion.

The festival also provides a platform for networking and exchanging ideas, and for creating partnerships between African and Austrian businesses, organizations, and individuals. Through this event, participants have the opportunity to share their cultures and ideas, and to develop a better understanding of the diverse experiences of African communities in Austria.

Overall, the Africa day Festival in Vienna is a vibrant and exciting celebration of African culture that brings together people from different backgrounds to celebrate diversity and foster a greater understanding of African people and their communities.


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All photos by Christina Karagiannis-Photography


Can children come to events?
Yes but they must be accompany with their parent
Is there seating at events?
Yes, there are a variety of seating for all ticketholders unless it’s a dance event or art show opening.
Are you near public transport?
Very. There is train station nearby , it is about 4 minutes gentle walk away.
Can I come on my own?
YES! Many of our customers come alone to events, it’s never a problem and you will be welcomed warmly.