Liechtenstein Castle

Liechtenstein (light-in-stone) Castle was built in 1130 and stands tall in Medieval glory just a short day trip from Vienna in the Austrian countryside. Today, it is managed by the Stiftung Fürst Liechtenstein (Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation) and guided tours through the castle are also offered. Every year, festivals take place at the west side of the castle walls.

It’s actually amazing that the castle is standing at all as it was sacked by the Ottomans (Turks) in both 1529 and 1683 before partially sitting in ruin.  The current ticket desk actually sits inside a tower ruined by the Ottomans. 

When the Liechtenstein family regained control of the property in 1807, it was restored and expanded as part of the Historicism (Romanticism) movement to serve as a museum showing off idealized Medieval architecture.  Surviving further plunder in WW2, today the castle is available for tours and is one of the only privately owned castles in Austria

Getting Here: From Vienna take the Underground Metro to Vienna’s Meidling Train Station on the Southside of town and take a local train to Mödling.  Trains leave the station about 10 times an hour and the ride is only 15 minutes south of Vienna.  At the Mödling Train Station, you take Bus 262 right to the entrance (Siedlungsstraße stop) which is a 6-minute walk to the Castle.  You can also take   Uber between Mödling Station and the castle.

Address: Am Hausberg 2, 2344 Maria Enzersdorf

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Liechtenstein Castle

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